CrossPoint Baptist Church is a warm, friendly, loving, family church. It was founded on October 13, 2013 by Dr. John Owen. It operates as an independent Baptist Church and fellowships with other Baptist churches of like faith and practice. We believe the Bible to be God’s Holy Word without error. We believe the Bible to be the final authority for faith and practice. We are not subject to any religious organization and operate as an autonomous church.

We meet weekly at Garin Elementary School at 250 1st Street, Brentwood, California. Our services are uplifting and the messages are Bible-centered with PowerPoint illustrations. We also have a Wednesday Bible Study in the home of one of our members. We are praying that God will provide us a permanent church building. We are a loving and friendly church with people from all walks of life. We would love to have you come and worship with us.

Visiting any church for the very first time can be a tough experience. We want to put you at ease. Your first visit to CrossPoint will be refreshing, friendly, and enjoyable for your whole family. Our traditional service helps you worship God with your heart and learn how to experience God. We want you to feel welcome and “at home”!

We are Baptist in name, beliefs, and practice. We hold to the fundamental doctrinal faith of Baptists. We are conservative in our faith and Baptist in our doctrine. We are a missions-minded church. We support missionaries and have missionaries come to our church and share their ministry with us. Many churches never meet missionaries in their services. At CrossPoint, you will get an opportunity to meet missionaries and hear about what God is doing with them around the world.  

We invite you to come and join us for the CrossPoint Worship Experience.