The Bible:  We believe the Bible to be God’s holy word, we believe it is verbally inspired and without error.  It has been preserved for all generations.  As originally written it does not just contain and convey the Word of God; it is the very Word of God.  The Bible is a collection of 66 books from Genesis to Revelation.  By inspired, we mean that holy men of old wrote as they were moved by the Holy Spirit.  They wrote word for word as moved by the Holy Spirit, not thought for thought. We also believe the Greek Manuscripts known as the Textus Receptus (TR) is the preserved Word of God. Since the KJV Bible was translated word for word from the TR, it is the preserved Word in the English language. We reject the modern translations taken from the Alexandrian Text which we view as an inferior and flawed Greek text missing words, phrases, and verses. 

God:  We believe in one and only one true and living God.  God is eternal and is all-powerful and all-knowing.  We believe in the Godhead, which is to say that we believe in one God manifested in three persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.  These three are one, yet equal in every divine perfection, and also expressing distinct but harmonious offices. Jesus lived a sinless life and died for our sins, the just for the unjust.  After His resurrection He ascended to heaven and is at the right hand of the Father.  The Holy Spirit is now working on the earth to bring men to Christ, convict of sin, and to seal the believer.  We believe the Holy Spirit empowers the believer and leads the believer.  However, we do not hold to the concept of the modern charismatic teaching of “speaking in tongues.”  The sign gifts ceased with the completion of the Bible.

Satan or the Devil:  We believe that Satan was once a cherub and enjoyed heavenly honors, but pride and ambition overcame him and he rebelled against God. When he fell, he also took with him a host of angels.  Satan and his fallen angels are evil.  They will be cast into the Lake of Fire and will endure eternal justice there.

Creation:  We believe in the Genesis account of creation and that it is to be accepted literally and not allegorically or figuratively.  Man was created in the image of God and in His likeness.  We reject the idea of evolution and its teachings.  We accept the teaching that all that was created was done so in six literal days as stated in Genesis.  Since God created male and female, the only legitimate marriage is between one man and one woman. 

Fall of Man:  Adam and Eve were created in innocence by God.  Man rebelled against the command of God and sinned.  The consequence was that all men will die and that all men are born sinners.  Therefore, by Adam’s sin, all men are born sinners and will die because of sin.

Virgin Birth:  We believe that Jesus Christ was begotten of the Holy Spirit in a miraculous manner; born of Mary, a virgin, and that He is both the Son of God and the Son of man.

Redemption/the Work of Salvation:  We believe that the salvation of sinners is completely of grace through faith in the Son of God.  Jesus died on the cross for us.  When we place our trust in Jesus for salvation, we are saved or born again in Jesus.  The term “redemption” means that Jesus bought our salvation with His blood that He shed on the cross.  Therefore, the work of salvation, the act by which we are redeemed, is solely found in the Lord Jesus Christ and totally apart from works on our part.  To be saved a person calls on the Lord Jesus Christ by faith, totally trusting Jesus Christ to save them.  Only those trusting Christ as Savior will go to heaven.    

Grace and the New Creation:  We believe that in order to be saved, sinners must be born again; that the new birth is a new creation in Christ Jesus.  It is instantaneous and not a process.  The new birth takes place when a sinner realizes their status, repents, and fully trusts Jesus Christ as their personal savior.  Salvation is by grace through faith totally apart from works. Once a person is saved/born again, they instantly become a new creature in Christ.  Their old ways die and they have a new life in Christ.  The believer now goes from as sinner dead in trespasses and sin to a partaker of the divine nature and receives eternal life, a free gift of God.  With salvation comes responsibility.  It is the responsibility of the new believer to join a church and grow in their new life. Old sinful actions, habits, vices, and lifestyles are to be removed and replaced by holy living.

The Freeness of Salvation:  We believe that God’s grace is available to whosoever will call upon the Lord.  Anyone who desires to be saved will be accepted by God.  God does not limit salvation to a select few.  Election is not that God chose certain people to be saved, but that God predetermined to offer salvation to all who will receive His free offer of Salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ.  God’s will is that none should perish, but that all might repent.  Since Jesus dies for our sins, and the sins of the whole world, we believe that salvation is free to all who will receive Jesus by faith into their life.  Therefore, for a person to be saved or born again, they must realize that they are a sinner and cannot save themselves.  They must realize that Jesus Christ is the Only Begotten Son of God who died on the cross for our sins, was buried, rose again, and his ascended to heaven.  Then, by simple faith, a person must call upon the Lord for salvation. 

Preservation of the Saved:  We believe that once you have received Jesus Christ as your Savior, you are eternally secure in Christ.  You cannot lose your salvation.  The believer is kept saved by the power of God.  Therefore, the believer has received eternal salvation.

Baptism and the Lord’s Supper:  We believe that Christian baptism is by immersion in water after a person has called on the Lord for salvation.  Only baptism by immersion after salvation is scriptural baptism, also called believer’s baptism.  Baptism identifies us with the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus.  It also is a picture of our new life in Christ.  When the believer is placed under the water it symbolizes the death of our old ways.  When the believer is raised up from the water, it symbolizes the new life the believer has in Jesus.  Baptism is a prerequisite to church membership.  The Lord’s Supper, also called Communion, was instituted by Jesus prior to Him going to the Cross.  He took unleavened bread and juice, elements of the Passover Meal, and used them to illustrate His sacrificial life.  The bread represents His broken body.  The juice represents His shed blood for us.  Therefore, when we partake in the Lord’s Supper, we are remembering what Jesus did for us on the Cross.  It is a solemn act by the believer done after self-examination.

Church:  The church refers to the local church.  We believe that all believers should faithfully attend church services.  You should find a church and join it and worship with other believers.  The church is commissioned to spread the gospel message to all people in all parts of the world.

Future Events:  We believe in the premillennial, pre-tribulation return of Christ.  After the rapture, those left behind on the earth will experience a seven year period known as the Tribulation.  Christ will return and defeat Satan and set up His millennial kingdom.  After this period, there will be a judgment for the unsaved.  They will be cast into the Lake of Fire which is the eternal place of suffering.  The saints will enter the ceaseless age of eternity, forever being with the Lord.